Thank you for considering Frozen Entertainment LLC as YOUR wedding entertainment provider! Below, you will find our wedding package as well as any and all potential fees. We are not here to lure you in with a super low price, then add on a bunch of fluff at the end to make it worth our while. The prices and descriptions here are what we charge. There are no hidden extras. Since your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, Frozen Entertainment prides itself in working with you to make sure your wedding is every bit the fairytale that it should be!

The Perfect Wedding Package

  • All the bells, whistles, and cool stuff
  • Professional Sound System
  • 6 or more Lighting Effects (including state-of-the-art lasers and LED technology)
  • Haze Fog  (a light fog that accentuates the lights and lasers without making it hard to see or breathe)
  • Wireless Microphones
  • An ever growing and ever updating music library of over 60,000 songs
  • One of the best DJ's in the Metro Area
  • Unbeatable customer service!
  • 6 hours of service
  • $1,150.00


  • Wedding longer than 6 hours?
    • Additional charge: $170 per hour extra
    • Yes, if you do the math, we are cutting you a break on price.
    • If you're wedding is only 30 minutes longer, we won't charge you the full per hour extra charge.  We are not here to charge you for service you don't need or use
  • Wedding shorter than 6 hours?
    • Let us know, and watch the price drop!  Ask our competition why you should pay for six hours, when you're only using five?
    • Please keep in mind the DJ provides an ample amount of coordinating work in addition to entertainment on your wedding day. As a result, we do have a minimum charge of $700 for weddings.
  • Need Music for your Ceremony as well as your Reception?
    • The extra ceremony music service is included FREE in your wedding package. However, if your ceremony is in a different room/building than your reception, there is a $50 charge for the use of a second sound system if necessary.
  • Distance
    • Reception further than a 30 minute drive from New Baltimore? 
    • $25 extra per 30 miles (one way)
      • Dude!  Why are you charging me an extra $50 just to drive?
      • As the saying goes, "Time is money."  The extra drive time is an extra hour or two of our time, plus the price of gas isn't cheap. 


  • Setup and Teardown are ALWAYS included FREE in your wedding package, and are NEVER an extra hour charge.
  • Please reserve 2 hours prior to and 1 hour after your wedding event for setup and teardown.