School Events

    Frozen Entertainment has been entertaining at School dances, Proms, and sporting events for a LONG time! We keep up to date on all of the latest music and dances to make sure your students are on the dance floor, working up a sweat all night long.

    Not only do we always have a request list that we love to play from, but we also send you a Request List ahead of time, so we can come prepared with your student's favorite songs, class song, special dances, etc.

    Frozen Entertainment plays only edited music that is screened for vulgar language and sexual content not suitable for your students. This doesn't mean we play only Sesame Street tunes. Edited music means you dance to the version of the song you hear on the radio, and not the version on the store album, which may be full of cussing and descriptions of bedroom activities that belong in a romance novel, not your School dance floor.

    Contact Frozen Entertainment to discuss your event and for a FREE quote.