Our Company

       Frozen Entertainment LLC was founded by Shaun Rapske as a hobby in 1999, and as a fully registered business in 2004.  FE is fully insured for your piece of mind and ours.

Mission Statement: Frozen Entertainment LLC is committed to providing quality and competitive DJ services to its clients by offering continuous communication and attention to detail.  Frozen Entertainment has a passion for meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of its clients through professional collaboration and ethically based business practices.


  • Collaborate with clients to deliver expected results 
  • Provide professional and experienced results 
  • Communicate with clients on a continual basis to meet their needs.

Free Beer for the DJ?  You wouldn't believe how many times a photographer, caterer, or hall manager has come up to me and surprisingly asked why I was only drinking water.  Contrary to popular belief, it is not the DJ's job to get drunk and party.  It's the DJ's job to entertain you and your crowd.  You're not paying the DJ to do all the partying.  You're paying him or her to facilitate YOUR party.  That being said, it is Frozen Entertainment's company policy to never drink alcohol while on the job.