Hire your DJ the Smart Way!

The hardest part of hiring a DJ is knowing both what to expect from your DJ and what your DJ expects from you.  As a customer-centric company, Frozen Entertainment has created this site to help you be as informed as possible when hiring a DJ (regardless whether it's Frozen Entertainment or someone else).  By being informed, your DJ experience will be a far more enjoyable experience.

The What

  • What do I need before I contact DJ companies?  Here's a list of what you need so the DJ can give you an accurate price:
    • Location - Where is your event?  Depending on how far your DJ lives from the event location, you could incur travel charges (especially as gas prices rise).
    • Date - When is your event?  If your date is already booked, you will have to find another company.  Also, some companies vary prcing depending on the day of the week.
    • Time - When does your event begin and end?  More importantly, how many hours is your event?  Most DJ's use number of hours as the principle basis for price.
    • Event Type - What type of event is it?  Certain events require more work than others.  Consequently, certain types of events cost more than others.  For instance, a six hour graduation party is far less work and far less responsibility than a wedding of the same length.  As a result, your six hour graduation party will be $400 while your 6 hour wedding will be upwards of $1,000.

The How's

  • How do I find a Quality DJ?
    • Congratulations, you already stumbled upon one!  In all seriousness though, word of mouth is your greatest allie.  Talk to your family, friends, friends of family, friends of friends, co-workers, and other trusted folks.  I gaurantee anyone who has dealt with a DJ and/or entertainment company has a strong opinion of them (good or bad).  Start your list with the companies your peeps know.
    • Local Internet Search: use google, yahoo, etc to find the names of DJ companies that work in the area of your event location.  When you search, be sure to include the city\area that your event will be in.  Searching for Michigan DJ will lead you to companies all over the State.  You don't want to inadvertantly research a company in Traverse City when your event is 5 hours south in Metro Detroit.  Search instead for Metro Detroit DJ
    • Your Hall\other vendors:  Talk to your hall manager and other managers.  They've been in the business for awhile and have seen many DJ's over the years.  They know which companies will take care of you and which ones won't.  Tap that knowledge!
  • How do I make sure I'm hiring the BEST DJ EVER?!   
    •  Every DJ is the best DJ ever.   Just ask them! 
    • In all seriousness, talk to the people you know.  Odds are you know somebody who has either personally dealt with a DJ company or has been to an event the DJ was entertaining at.  You will be surprised just how many companies that you think are reputable really suck.  (p.s.  we don't suck.  Just ask your friends)
    • The Interwebs:  google the name of the companies you are seriously considering.  Make sure you go at least a couple pages deep in the results.  You will be surprised what you find posted by former clients.
    • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and MySpace (yes, some folks still use MySpace) - You probably have more friends on social networks than you know what to do with.  Put them to good use and ask them for DJ recomendations.  Odds are you'll soon have 20 posts for or against 20 different companies.
    • Ask for references:  Any reputable DJ company will have testimonials from current and\or former clients you can call\e-mail for a personal review on how their event went.  If the company does not have anyone you can contact, start sniffing around.  I bet you smell something fishy!
    • Insurance:  Is your DJ fully insured incase someone runs into a speaker, trips over a cable, or makes a dance floor clearing special request?  Frozen Entertainment is fully insured for damage and liability. With many halls requiring you to purchase event insurance to cover your uninsured DJ, Frozen Entertainment saves you a couple hundred bucks and gives you considerable peace of mind by carrying our own insurance.


  • How do I know if the price is right?
    • Find Bob Barker on Facebook  (he's linked from our FB page).
    • Call around!  You wouldn't buy a TV or a car or keg of beer without checking around to see who has the best price and features.  Hiring a DJ is no different.  Find at least three companies in your area and call them for a price quote.  It's free, and until the contract is signed, you are under no obligations.  Make sure you compare prices, features, and how long they have been in the business.  Some companies might charge a little more than the average due to special products or services they offer that the competition does not, or simply due to name recognition.  Other companies may be new to the biz and inexperienced, so they charge less because there is a greater risk that something might not go as planned.  Scroll down the page for a list of what you should ask.
    • Back to the friends and family thing.  Ask your circle how much they paid for their DJ (keeping in mind any differences in event time and duration).  If the price you were quoted is inline with what they paid, you're doing alright.

The Money

  • My wedding is 6 hours long, but the first 3 hours are just dinner. I don't need the DJ until the dancing part of the reception.
    • This is probably the 2nd biggest wedding DJ misconception. Yes, the first few hours of your wedding are dinner, which, as far as music goes, is easy work, HOWEVER, the first hour of your wedding contains your grand entrance, speeches, cake cutting, and various other customs. These activities require precise timing and management by your DJ, which is why you are paying him a pretty penny to entertain you and your guests. In addition, you really don't want your DJ setting up in the hall during the middle of dinner, so it is to your advantage to hire your DJ for the entire reception, and not just the second half.
  • Should I Tip the DJ?
    • Just like with any service industry, if your DJ did an admirable job, think about giving him a tip.  If your DJ did an AWESOME job, slide him a $20 or two.  He hussled hard to make sure you and your guests enjoyed yourselves thuroughly!

More Hiring tips coming soon!!!!