Welcome to the Frozen Entertainment Ice House

Does YOUR Event Include Frozen Entertainment?

Congratulations if it does! You have the best entertainment and customer service in town. If you don't have Frozen Entertainment yet, what are you waiting for?!? Don't settle for the rest, when you can afford the BEST!! Don't worry about that other company's contract you already signed, it has a refund policy that is begging to be used! Check out our services pages for more details

Why Frozen Entertainment?

Are you tired of DJ's who don't play the music you request, talk like they have marbles in their mouth, are never available to talk to before your event, don't show up for planning meetings, and drink heavily on the job???  Well guess what... We're sick of them too! 

Frozen Entertainment LLC is a full service entertainment company, committed to providing quality and competitive DJ services to its customers by offering continuous communication and attention to detail. Frozen Entertainment has a passion for meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of its customers through professional collaboration and ethically based business practices.  Oh, and guess WHAT!? Frozen Entertainment is fully insured.  How's that for peace of mind!

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