Latest Specials:

  Industry Discount  

In the DJ business yourself and need someone to entertain YOUR wedding or event?  Worried about finding a DJ who has skills AND who shares your high level of attention to detail?  Look no further!  Give Frozen Entertainment a call, and take $75 off your quoted price because we feel your pain.

  Referral Kickbacks

You're lining our pockets with a referral client; we'll return the favor and grease your pockets with $30.  Refer a friend, relative, coworker, or random dude off the street to Frozen Entertainment and receive up to a $30 referral bonus*

      *Bonus paid after event date and after client has paid in full.  One referral bonus per contract, so if you and your brother both refer the same client, you'll have to share the $30.
                  Referral bonus is $30 for all contracts over $500 or Bonus 
of $20 for all contracts under $500.   No bonus for contracts under $200.

             Frozen Entertainment LLC has the right to cancel and\or change any stated discount at any time without notice.